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The Cellar

A rigorous method

The Method

Every day we support the talent of the place

We work in the cellar, meticulously checking the fermentation and refinement processes, which allow the creation of modern wines in which the great freshness and the olfactory richness counterbalance structure and power. The must ferments at a controlled temperature and the maceration is prolonged: this
allows to obtain wines of great aromatic intensity,
elegant and long-lived.

The Cellar

We work with dedication and craftsmanship

Our wines skillfully refine in Slavonian oak barrels and, depending on the type, in French oak barriques. The duration of the aging is determined by the enological goal and by the vintage.

The winemaker of Carobbio, Mr. Dario Faccin, tastes the wine from the barrique.

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Our barrels

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A detail of the French oak barrels

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Our Slavonian oak barrels

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