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The Estate

The splendor of a natural casket

The Territory

In the heart of the Golden Valley

Located in the Golden Valley of Panzano in Chianti, halfway between Florence and Siena, in the middle of a natural amphitheater, Carobbio covers about fifty hectares, among ancient vineyards, olive groves and lush forests. A privileged geographical position, embraced by the hills and protected by the mountains. A natural cradle that absorbs and retains the heat of the afternoon sun, to the benefit of quality productions.

The altitude of the Valley - between 350 and 450 meters - brings with it a remarkable thermal excursion between day and night, essential to obtain wines with intense and elegant aromas.

The nature of the soil is a further confirmation of the viticultural vocation of the territory. Alberese and Galestro alternate, producing elegance and aromatic finesse.

The Vineyards

An authentic result

The excellence of Carobbio wines is the result of a rigorous project, in which each vineyard has a specific role, each step is the subject of meticulous care and every action is a precise choice. We cultivate the land according to the most advanced viticultural trends. Mostly high density vineyards destined to the production of
few bunches per plant. We harvest with care, trying to make the most of what the vineyard expresses.
Every summer we proceed to thin out the bunches, to ensure the full ripening of the grapes.

The strictly manual harvest allows us to reap only the best fruits.

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