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The Origins

A story of love, tenacity and dedication

The Origins

The charm of a farm of ancient origin

Carobbio was established in the 15th century, the property of the Magaldi family, Florentine merchants who later sold it to the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital.
In 1479, Carobbio was entrusted to Antonmaria Gherardini, the father of Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Monna Lisa.

Antonmaria often visited Carobbio, and Lisa most likely stayed there for a certain period too.

Early in the 16th century, the estate was handed back to the Hospital, which gave it over for share farming.

Carobbio’s history became complicated at the end of 18th century. When the share farming period drew to a close, and the countryside was abandoned, the estate entered a period of decline.

By the time Carlo Novarese purchased it in 1985, Carobbio was a fine farmhouse converted into a sophisticated residence. That was when its new life commenced.
Since then the rebirth started.

The Family

A creative passion handed down for generations

It was summer 1985 when Carlo Novarese felt that he had found a small corner of Eden, near the Carobbio estate, in the heart of Chianti. It promised to be a land of everlasting splendour, if the potential of the site were reawakened. Hence the rebirth of Carobbio.

Carlo Novarese provided his insight as an entrepreneur, with a focus on achieving excellence. For this has always been the distinguishing trait of his reputation in the business.

Experts in agricultural science set to work. Drastic changes were made in the vineyards, to underpin a strategy designed to obtain high quality grapes and wines.

New systems are being created along principles established by the ultimate wine-growing trends. This commitment has been rewarded with the creation of a selection of unrivalled quality wines, ranging from Chianti Classico to the Super Tuscans.

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